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National Accreditation

The certificate in the following link indicates that the B.Arch Program of the  Department of Architecutre of Yıldız Technical University / Faculty of Architecture has been entitled as accredited for a period of six years in accordance to the Processes Documentation of  the Architectural Accreditation Board of Turkey (MIAK).




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NAAB Process (In Progress)

On June 2013, YTU Department of Architecture has applied to the National Architctural Accreditation Board (NAAB) for Substantial Equivalency. First Visit of NAAB took place under the supervision of Cornelius Kin Dubois on November 2013 whose report had been evaluated on February 2014 meeting of NAAB. As a result of the voting in that meeting, YTU Department of Architecture was found Eligible to continue with the second visit process. YTU department of Architecture handed in the Architectural Program Report (APR) on 27th of January, 2015 to NAAB and second visit was set to take place between 9-15 October, 2015. The Architectural Program Report of YTU Department of Architecture and the NAAB condutions and Procedures for Substantial Equivalency can be found as seperate documents in the following links.


NAAB Conditions for Substantial Equivalency 2012EN

NAAB Procedures for Substantial Equivalency 2014 EN

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